Self-compassion for Better Mental Health

Self-compassion for Better Mental Health

Programme Information

This is an online programme which is completed via our website. After purchasing the programme, your login details will be emailed to enable access.

The aims of this module are broadly two-fold. Firstly, we will attempt gain an understanding of what self-compassion is, before proceeding to examine strategies to develop and improve it. The ultimate purpose of this module is to help you cultivate and employ self-compassion so that you may self-manage your mental health better.

You can work through this module in your own time, filling out the exercises as you go along. The contents of this module are as follows:

Understanding Self-Compassion

  • What does self-compassion mean?
  • Why is it important to be self-compassionate?
  • Recognising a lack of self-compassion: Thinking styles, feelings and behaviours
  • Case examples

Cultivating Self-Compassion

  • Cultivating self-compassionate behaviours
  • Cultivating self-compassionate thinking
  • Therapeutic interventions



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