Relief from Anxiety

Relief from Anxiety

Programme Information

This is an online programme which is completed via our website. After purchasing the programme, your login details will be emailed to enable access.

The aim of this module is to help you better understand anxiety, with a view to managing it better. This can serve to improve your overall mental health. This module can also help with relapse prevention, by helping you to spot early warning signs, if you have already had therapy.

You can work through this in your own time, and the contents are as follows:

  • Understanding Anxiety
    1. What is Anxiety?
    2. Helpful Anxiety
    3. Unhelpful Anxiety
    4. What causes Anxiety?
  • Managing Anxiety
    1. Calm Breathing
    2. Relaxing your muscles
    3. Journalling
    4. Going for a walk/exercise
    5. Activity engagement
    6. Understanding the thought-feeling link
    7. Talking to someone
  • Quiz


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