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Having low self-esteem is very common, but can be very confusing. It is difficult to know why you feel the way you do, why the feelings persist, and how you can address it. The aim of this module is to help you better understand what low self-esteem is and what keeps it going. It also introduces some ideas as to how to challenge it. Understanding self-esteem better is the first step to support you in finding ways to improve it. This module can also help with relapse prevention, by assisting you in spotting behaviours, feelings and thoughts that might indicate that your self-esteem slipping, if you have already had therapy.

Please Note: You will require a notebook and pen in order to complete the exercises listed within this programme. Alternatively, you can complete the dedicated sections within the downloadable course book.

Understanding Low Self-Esteem

Managing Low Self-Esteem

Quiz – Low Self-Esteem